My lifelong pursuit of learning from remarkable people helped me come up with an approach for getting extremely successful, busy people to give me their time and wisdom, often leading to a life-changing career break.


This approach, which I share through seminars and one-on-one consulting sessions, is designed to show how to

  1. ✔  Leverage “intersections” – brief encounters – with top professionals in any field
  2. ✔  Get top professionals in your field to be invested in your (or your client’s) success
  3. ✔  Develop a comfort level in interacting with highly accomplished professionals
  4. ✔  Be positioned for one-of-a-kind career breaks
  5. ✔  Accelerate toward career greatness


The approach works for anyone who is

  • Starting a new career
  • Changing careers/jobs
  • An HR professional, Career Counselor, Life Coach who helps people start or change careers
  • Military personnel transitioning into civilian work
  • Not comfortable with traditional networking, but want top professionals in your field to help you

                                                                                                                                                                    Based on true-life experiences, it’s road-tested, and broken into simple, step-by-step actions that can help even the shyest person (as I was) to meet professionals at the top of their fields and make it easy for those successful people to mentor you, even briefly, to help you accelerate your career success.

People really do love to help—but if they’re extremely busy, you have to know how to help them to help you.


Especially when economic times are challenging, those who’ve achieved career success are bombarded with requests for help. How you get on—and stay on—their radar so you’re the one they think of when career breaks are available is what the Intersection Mentor process is all about.

As your Intersection Mentor, I’d like to help you learn the process, through my greatness seminars or one-on-one consulting.