My Story

My First Intersection with Greatness
When I was 16, I met one of the world’s first astronauts, Buzz Aldren, and even though I couldn’t put words to it at the time, I knew I was changed because of that meeting. He’d seen the world as few had, and there was something different about him because of it; and there was something different about me after meeting him, because I was in his presence. It isn’t easy to be an astronaut, and he had done it.

I decided that the way I would achieve MY success was to meet and talk to people who brought their dreams into being. Like many kids, I had huge dreams—and something told me that if I hung out with people who achieved their dreams, I’d “catch” the ability to do what they had done.

Developing the Intersection Mentor Approach
I did whatever I could to spend time with highly accomplished people—chauffeuring speakers from the airport to my college for their speaking gigs; attending conferences or book signings so I could meet them, rehearsing what I’d ask as I waited in line, so I’d get a little nugget of their learning to use for my own; volunteering to help with a project, in trade for their mentoring; writing letters to famous people to ask for advice and getting them to write back and offer to have me come meet them.

It came in handy when I graduated from college and went looking for work. My second job out of school was at Berklee College of Music, because I’d decided I wanted to become a Broadway writer. Time after time, I would meet people at the pinnacle of their careers who were happy to help me reach for my dream, who would say “let me put you in touch with so and so, I think you should talk to them, they might be able to help.” With their guidance I ended up in the first graduate program in the country for musical theatre writing, at New York University, and using the Intersection Mentor principles, the director/lyricist of the smash hit ANNIE gave me a production assistant job on his latest musical and I met my heroes of musical theatre—whose names were known to people throughout the world.

Road Test: Using the Approach to Change Careers
When unforeseen challenges changed my direction, using the Intersection Mentor principles brought me the opportunity to work at Harvard University’s Mineralogical Museum (to explore my dream as a rockhound), and when it was clear that a writing career was still in my blood, the principles helped me connect with a Hollywood screenwriter who took me on as assistant. The result (in addition to a tremendous friendship) was that within 5 years, we co-created a TV show that was bought by Touchstone Television.

Although my path can sound a bit meandering, I was formulating the principles and road testing them so I could say with total authenticity, “these principles work, and probably in most fields, if you consistently apply them.” Frankly, all of it has been a working up to helping even the shyest person how to succeed in their dreams—because I’m the shyest person I know, and I know how easy it is to not bother to go for The Dream because of a lack of confidence in verbal ability or smokescreens our minds give us, like “oh, I’m not really that interested in it.”

Accelerating YOUR Greatness
So, the Intersection Mentor approach is basically about how to get over, under, and around shyness or lack of confidence—and all its many disguises—so that the dreams you have get lived in life, not just in your head. And they KEY is creating win-win “intersections” with people who have achieved career greatness.

My dream is to bring this set of strategies to as many people on the planet as I can, so that more people are doing their equivalent of being Buzz Aldren—living out their dreams and expressing their greatness. The world has never needed us all to believe in the greatness of each person as much as it does now.

The principles work! Now: what dream would YOU like to make happen?