Greatness Seminars

The Greatness Seminars are designed to accelerate your achievement of your own personal greatness, through spending time in the presence of those who’ve achieved greatness in their lives. Here are examples of the break-out topics covered:

The Power of Mutual Benefit: Never Network Again

I was The Shyest Person In the World, hated networking, rarely did it or did it well, but by using these strategies, I got top professionals to help me make my career dreams come true.

Success Example:

When I began writing my principles in book form, I realized that I wanted the advice of top professionals to accentuate key points, and that the process of getting such people to contribute to the book could help me create helpful exercises for getting past the blocks that keep many of us from seeking out highly successful people and asking for time and help. Putting my strategies to use, I got past my own fears, got great words of wisdom to add to my book, and quite frequently also got referred to other to professionals.

‘Why Would They Help Me?’ — It’s Not What You Say, It’s What You Ask

Step by step, learn how to position yourself to meet busy top professionals in your field and get them to say, “Sure, I’ll help you.”

Success Example:

I met the CEO of Volvo NorthAmerica, Anne Belec, at a conference and she agreed to an interview for a book I was writing based on the Intersection Mentor principles. Subsequently, she agreed to collaborate with me on the book, currently titled Your Success GPS.   Anne brings her marketing and brand positioning expertise into the mix with a unique approach to personal branding that is sure to inspire and instruct. 

There are simple but absolutely necessary steps to cultivating a relationship with a busy top professional. Leveraging the first impression into a long-term relationship takes an understanding of the steps as well as strategies for handling detours and obstacles as you move forward.

Success Example:

A brief meeting at a seminar became an opportunity to create a win-win relationship with Executive Producer/A-List Writer Rockne S. O’Bannon (Alien Nation, Farscape, The Triangle), and not only did he give me exceptional mentoring, he gave me the chance—although I lacked a TV writing track record—to co-create with him a pilot television show, which Touchstone Pictures bought. An exponential career break in a highly competitive industry.

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